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Fluxes and Chemicals

Aluminum Welding Flux


Aluminum brazing flux. Low melting point.


ARGENTA FLUX 300 is a powder flux for the Aluminum Brazing and its alloys. Its working temperature ranges from 550º C to 650º C. It produces quite tough joints, preventing the metal base from melting. It prevents the oxide scaling in the brazed joints due to its excellent wetting of cleaning effect.


Aircraft and shipping industries, air conditioning, automobile industry, construction industry, heat interchangers, industrial maintenance, among others.

Physical Properties


: Powder


: White


: 1.2

Volatile cont.

: Less than 0.5%


: None

Working Tº

: 550 - 650ºC.


The metals to be brazed must be clean, with no dust, grease, or other impurities. Heat the tip of the filler rod and put it in the flux, or sprinkle flux on the part to be treated. Apply moderate temperature until the flux liquefies flowing quickly over the joint removing oxides and impurities. Keep on heating until the filler melts and flows through the joint, incomparable quality weld beads. ARGENTA FLUX 300 can be used in powder or mixed with DIFLUX. The flux residue are completely water soluble.

Safety Precautions

ARGENTA FLUX 300 is to be used in ventilated spaces as it contains inorganic chlorides. Avoid contact with skin or eyes, and inhalation of its fumes.

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