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ARGENTA FLUX 200 ROSA is a pink powder flux, its activity ranging between 760º and 1090º C. Used for brazing of Bronze, Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, malleable Iron, and heat resistant alloys.

ARGENTA FLUX 200 ROSA allows the filler alloys to penetrate deep into the junctures, producing high resistant joints.

It dissolves and removes the oxides quickly with a minimum bubbling, eliminating impurities and porosity in the welded joints.


ARGENTA FLUX 200 ROSA is used in the following industrial applications: agricultural machinery, heat interchangers, maintenance, furnacing, and naval repairing.

Physical Properties


: Powder


: Pink

Specific Grav.

: 1.5

Working Tº

: 760 - 1090ºC.

Volatile Cont.

: 0.1 %

Flash Point

: None


Clean the part to be brazed carefully. In thick parts V bevel the joint spots. Heat the filler rod tip and put it in the flux pot, or sprinkle some flux over the part concerned. Apply more heat until the flux liquefies and flows all over the area to be joined removing oxides and other impurities. Keep on applying the filler rod until getting the desired joint. Always remember to avoid overheating since, in Brazing, only the filler rod is to be melted and not the base metal.

ARGENTA FLUX 200 ROSA can be applied like a paste by using our product DIFLUX. Brush the paste on the working zone and on the filler rod also. Wait for the paste to get dry, then apply heat. The flux residue can be completely eliminated with hot water.

Safety Precautions

ARGENTA FLUX 200 ROSA doesn't contain acids and it's reasonably safe to use.
Respiratory protection is recommended in highly polluted environments.

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