Welding problems

What are the advantages of a brazing filler metal flexi flux coated?

The ARGENTA SUPER flexible coated rods allow for working in hard-access areas.

You can bend the rods at any point and give it the necessary shape for getting to that difficult access place. If necessary, you can straight up the rod back, and then bend it again.

The flux covering these rods is so flexible that it doesn't come off when bending the rod. Neither it breaks nor gets misshapen if you accidentally drop them.

The coating flux is anhydrousx.

Every ARGENTA SUPER rod is identifiable by their own color. You will never mistake them for others. Moreover, you know the silver content you are working with.

The coating flux is anhydrous. This condition of lacking water in the flux allows the rods to be used without restrictions in those brazing processes where one of their elements could be affected by humidity, a common problem in the refrigeration industry.



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