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Aluminum TIG Welding Rod


BFM rod for Aluminum welding

International Standard


: A 5.10 - 88


: ER 4047

Working temperature

: 577 - 582 ºC

Chemical analysis ( % )

: Si : 12 %
  Al : Balance

Special features

ARGENTA TIG - AL 188 alloy is specially formulated for working at the lowest temperature without melting the base material. Extraordinary fluidity, excellent autocleansing features and uncomparable capillarity, very resistant to corrosion and strong against any mechanical demand. It turns into a dark tone in the anodizing processes. Very easy to use, even with OWF gas flame.


For any pure Aluminum joining, extended use in the 1060 - 1100 - 3003 - 5005 - 6061 - 6063 types as well as in cast A6412 y CG12 alloys. Furniture manufacturing and reparation. Refrigeration, air conditioning and electric appliances in general, air and naval reparing.

Welding instructions

Clean the zones to be welded carefully. Apply ARGENTA FLUX 300 paste or powder all over the area. Heat up evenly until the flux becomes into a crystallin liquid appearance. Apply the alloy and spread it with the torch flame. Use the melted bath of the alloy to apply more flux.


Ø 1,6mm; Ø 2,4mm y Ø 3,2mm x 914mm rods.

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